Community questions

Create, share, vote and discuss questions.  As an educator, participate in the development of questions that are vetted by your peers.

Publish assessments

Use community questions or your own to include on an assessment.  Provide learners with the link to your assessment.  SelfChecker is just that easy to use.

Empower learners

When responding to questions, feedback is provided instantaneously.  Learners can attempt questions as many times as they like and a full review is provided upon completion.

How it works...

Setup an assessment

Add questions the assessment
Share with learners
View results

Why SelfChecker?

We've been building learning software closely with schools, districts, and colleges since 2003.  Here's how we think SelfChecker will improve learning in the world:
  • Use a community approach to author and share questions
  • Provide a learning platform through assessment.  We are not a testing or quiz system.
  • Make assessment a fun and valuable experience for learners.